Here goes…

So… I’m half way through my second year of university and I again sign up to do the social media module. When I signed up I had loads of ideas about the type of blog I could write, then Philip hits me with it. This time round there’s a difference…The blog we write needs to be communications based…PANIC!

For the first few sessions I don’t know how to start or what to write then Philip recommends we look at Richard Bailey’s blog PRStudies. I start to look at the student PR blogs Richard has on his blog roll and I see that maybe this isn’t as bad as I thought after all.

The blogs that really caught my eye were Clare Siobhan, PR Bloggamajig and Flying over the Cuckoos Nest. All of these blogs are completely different from one another, yet they all comment on current topics, and comment well on them at that.

From looking at these different blogs, I’ve decided that my blog will comment on what’s currently happening in the PR industry and will discuss topics that I’m learning about in my social media and PR modules.

So fingers crossed it works out. Here goes…


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  1. Gemma Lockyer
    Feb 21, 2011 @ 13:31:39

    Good luck Amy….your page design is fab!

    The WEYES Team x


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