Do not fear, help is at hand

Even after looking at other PR student blogs and writing my first blog post I still don’t feel 100% confident that I know enough about PR to write a communications based blog and I’m struggling to find topics to talk about. Yesterday, Philip uploaded a post to our module blog Puzzled ExPRession that caught my eye. The post talked about trying to find a voice in the blogosphere with links to posts which we may find useful to look at.

A link which really helped me was the blog Teaching and Thinking about public relations. There was a post written about tips on potential blog topics PR students could discuss. The tips are as follows:

  1. (If you’re on Twitter) Would any of today’s tweets be useful to media or PR students?  Why? (tip: follow @digicasity and @mediaguardian for useful ideas).
  2. Find an article on a media-related theme in (for instance) The Guardian or on the BBC website.   What are your views?
  3. Think about the last five films/gigs you saw.   How did you find out about them? (Poster? Newspaper/magazine advertisement?  Word of mouth?  Email newsletter?  Facebook fan page?  Via other social networks?   Trailer or clip emailed to you by a friend?)  Many media commentators have heralded the death of conventional advertising, but what’s your experience?
  4. The five (or more) bloggers every PR student should follow … and why.
  5. The five (or more) things I’ve done to secure a job in PR … and the five things I must do.
  6. Review of any of your PR textbooks (without peeking at other reviews!) – if it was published in 2009, so much the better.
  7. Interview with anyone who works in PR (no matter how junior or senior).  How did they get into PR?  What advice would they give to others?  What does their job involve?
  8. Why I will/will not useTwitter/Posterous/FriendFeed/Typepad/(insert platform of your choice)  … and why.
  9. Interview with a PR lecturer.  Well, why not? (first come first served on this one though!).
  10. How (unpopular sport star of your choice) is represented in the media.  What could they do to redeem their reputation?

After reading this post, I’ve realised that commenting on tweets, looking at articles on media related topics and analysing the media are things which I already do on a more than daily basis. All I need to do is expand on those thoughts and hey pronto my communications blog is well and truly on it’s way. Really, it isn’t that hard after all. I hope these tips help other PR students, just as much as they’ve helped me!


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