Until last week I’d never heard of the term ‘netizen’. But the more I think about it, the more I realise this term completely defines who I am. A netizen for those of you who don’t know is someone who lives their lives on the internet, or as Wikipedia describes ‘someone who is actively involved in online communities’.

Like most of you reading this I am addicted to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks such as Four Square. Every spare minute I have I log straight onto my phone and look at status updates, tweets and the locations of my friends. But for me the term ‘netizen’ describes more than just someone who is addicted to Facebook.

Each day before I leave the house I check my emails, my online banking, my blog stats and of course Facebook and Twitter. When I don’t have the opportunity to check these, I feel completely lost. Without checking my internet banking each day I wouldn’t know what money I had spent and what money I had left. Something which I see as simple, would be something that people of my grandparents’ and maybe even my parents’ generation would find outrageous.

I admit, yes, the internet takes up a lot of my daily time. However, I wouldn’t say I was as ‘addicted’ to it as some people I know. I still believe there is such a thing as the internet taking over people’s lives! I just use it to make my life a little bit easier and to keep up with the gossip of course!

In my opinion, most of us can be defined as netizens. To me the term can mean someone who, like me, uses the internet a lot of the time or it can be someone who constantly updates on Facebook, send thousands of emails a day and does all of their food shopping online. But surely, the internet was made to make our lives easier so why shouldn’t we use it as best we can? For me, a lot my life revolves around the internet, whether it be just replying to an email or looking on my internet banking. But do you know what, I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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