How the rise of social media is changing the world of PR

Stephen Waddington (@wadds) of Speed Communications is the second guest speaker we’ve had at university this past week and boy did he make an impression! This is the second time I’ve saw Stephen do a guest lecture and he never fails to deliver.

Stephen discussed how the rise of social media is changing how we do PR and even went as far as saying that ‘PR is becoming more and more integrated with marketing’. He also believes that in the near future PR will become ‘more integrated with sales’.

Facebook and Twitter were, as predicted, a major discussion point with Stephen showing us examples of how these social networks have played a big part to some of Speed’s most recent and very successful campaigns.

One of his main examples of Twitter being used effectively was of @mmm_newcastle who may only be a small business but are using this social network in such a way that they have a total of 3,727 followers who they continually engage with on a day-to-day basis. Stephen described how sometimes, a product they are selling may be sold out before it’s even arrived in the shop due to the content they are creating online. This for me just reiterates the point that ‘you don’t need to a big business or have a big budget to create engaging online content’ and succeed in the social world.

He concluded his lecture with tips on how to get noticed in the PR world:

  • Create your own microsite so people can see who you are and what you’re all about
  • Network- use Twitter and other social networks to connect and engage with influential people
  • Comment on articles on PR week- don’t say anything for the sake of it though!
  • Stand out from the crowd- create content such as a video for interviews
  • Create your own content- create blogs such as Josh Halliday’s SR2 Blog

I’ll definitely be getting to grips with the concept of having my own microsite and the idea of creating content such as video for interviews really interests me! Social media gives us so many opportunties that half of us don’t appreciate, hopefully lectures like this make us realise what we can all potentially achieve!

The lecture will be available for everyone to see on Stephen’s blog: Wadds’ PR and Media Blog.


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  1. Stephen Waddington
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 16:06:52

    Hi Amy – Thanks for the blog post and kind words. And good for you for developing a network on Twitter. Keep it up. Good luck.


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