The real world of PR

This week was my chance to see exactly what the real PR world was like and it couldn’t have been any different to what I imagined!

On Monday alone I wrote and sent out a media invite, an article for the organisation’s website and two news releases for local media outlets and that was all before 1pm! In the afternoon I attended a local publicity event where I helped in raising the profile of the organisation by handing out leaflets and talking to passers by. By the time Thursday came round I was writing articles for the next match day programme and helping to organise a huge media event, planning who was going to be where and what was happening when! Never in my life have I had such a varied few days!

Those who know me know just how much of a routine person I am. Every week I do the same things at the same time, on a Thursday afternoon I know I’ll be in a PR seminar, on a Friday morning I know I’ll be in social media and on a Saturday I know I’ll be at work. Routine is what keeps me going, I am very much an organised person who thrives on working to a time scale, so to experience such a varied week and enjoy it is a great feeling!

In my opinion a work placement is one of the best things an under-graduate can do to gain some first hand experience of the career they hope to move in to. Not only does it give you a great insight into the actual industry, it also helps to put into context the skills you’ve learnt whilst at university, some of which you think are irrelevant now but when you get into a job will become an important everyday skill!

PR is nothing like I thought it would be, there’s definitely more to it than just writing a press release! There’s been many a time over the past 18 months when I’ve wondered if PR is the right career path for me, after this week I definitely know its where I want to be!

Thank you to Newcastle United Foundation for giving me the chance to experience what PR is really like and I look forward to working with them again over the summer for some more invaluable experience.


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