PR for Geordies…

On Tuesday night, the people of the North East braced themselves for the first episode of Geordie Shore and after watching it I don’t think many Geordies will be happy about the perception of Newcastle it gave out.

From a PR perspective, if the idea of the show was to make people from the North East proud of their roots, to put Newcastle on the map as great city and to increase the level of tourism to the city then after watching the first episode many would say it has failed miserably.

After watching shows like The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea, I knew the city was never going to be shown in its best light, yet I never expected the whole episode to be full of out-of-date stereotypes of what the people of Newcastle are supposedly like.

According to one of the cast ‘ you’re not a proper Geordie unless you’ve got a tan’ yet walk up Northumberland Street on a busy Saturday afternoon and I’m sure you’ll see many people who don’t.

Hopefully, in the next few episodes we’ll see a real representation of Newcastle, but after watching the first episode I’m not so sure. Lets just hope for the sake of all the real Geordies, that the programme hasn’t ruined the good reputation the city has worked hard to build!


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