Quick Response Codes

Until recently, I never realised the magnitude of the world of QR Codes. Although I knew what a Quick Response Code was, what it was used for and the ways in which they could be used, I had never really thought about how an organisation could use them in their day-to-day promotional work and I would never have guessed how popular they were becoming with big companies.

Last week, when on placement with Newcastle United Foundation, the idea of putting a QR code onto data collections cards was discussed. Instantly I knew this was a easy and space saving way of putting the charity’s newly launched Facebook page details on the copy, yet until that point I didn’t realise how easy these codes were to make and how they could have a positive impact on increasing views to an organisation’s social site.

I thought that the codes would have to be made by a specialist with some high-tech piece of equipment, yet it took me no longer than five minutes to create and send the image of the code to the printers. All it takes is the URL of the page you are wanting to create a code for and the Facebook app ‘QR Code Generator‘ (which can be found through Google) and you’re done.

After making the code for the Newcastle United Foundation, I stopped at Pizza Express for lunch where on the table decoration was a QR code with ‘scan me’ wrote next to it. I found that by scanning this code I could download the Pizza Express App where I could search the menu, book a table at a Pizza Express restaurant and even pay for my bill via my smart phone, meaning no more waiting for the card machine to be free when you’re in a hurry, perfect!

After two encounters in two days with QR codes, I began to research them and found that they are becoming more and more popular. Not only are organisations using them to promote their social sites, places such as New York Central Park are creating campaigns around the use of QR Codes to interest and entertain a younger, more tech-savvy audience.

I believe that we will begin to see more and more use of QR codes in our everyday lives, whether it be on copy sent out by organisations or integrated campaigns like the one above, either way they are most definitely the future!


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