The 2011 PR Census

Back in April I wrote a post about the launch of the 2011 PR Census and the importance of individuals in the industry filling in the short questionnaire. Last week, when the results of the census were published, I was surprised at some of the results, although I was pleased to see that over  1,300 people practising PR took part.

I can’t believe that only 10% of people in the PR industry are aged between 18-24, I really thought this age range would play host to a much larger number of people, especially with the number of people graduating from University with PR degrees. I wonder whether some people ‘fall’ into PR after having some time in another career path which would explain how the highest age range is 25-34 at 43%.

I was also surprised to see that the majority of practitioners are from White British Backgrounds with eight percent coming from other white backgrounds, two per cent coming from Black Caribbean/African or British backgrounds and six percent being from other backgrounds. For an industry which is known to be in touch with a huge range of people from a great number of places, I would have thought there would have been a much more diverse group of people working in PR.

Although I was surprised at the above results, I was pleased to see that growth is expected to continue, with nearly half of professionals expecting to increase recruitment in the next two years, this can only be a good sign for up and coming PR practitioners (myself included)!

Online communications as we all know plays a huge part in an everyday PR practitioner’s life and the figures from the PR census only confirm what we already knew, with 93% of practitioners saying online comms has increased in importance. I expect that this figure will continue to increase with social media becoming an even more important part in an organisation’s campaign.

To order a full copy of the PR census, priced at £150 for PRWeek subscribers and PRCA members and £200 for others go to


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