Using Linkedin

After spending some time during the summer sorting out my CV and putting together a portfolio of my work I thought it was about time that I gave my Linkedin profile a bit of TLC.

After having an account on the site for nearly a year and not really doing much with it (and to be honest not really knowing how best to use it), I thought it was about time I gave it a bit of interest.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at other people’s profiles on the site, looking at things like the type of information they include, how they set their profiles out, what applications they use, what groups/networks they join etc in order to give me some knowledge of how I can use this site as effectively as possible.

After updating all of the information on my profile to sit side by side with my paper CV as well as with my other social networking sites, I thought I was just about done. Then just as I posted the link to my new profile on Twitter, Aimee Carmichael (@aimee1986) posted a link to a blog post discussing how to get the most out of LinkedIn.

The post (which can be found here: How do you use Linkedin- Infographic) discusses how LinkedIn can be used to network with professionals in your industry and create business opportunities. Later on in the post, four tips are given which tell you how to create new connections, strengthen relationships, position you as a thought leader and hopefully provide you with leads and future business opportunities.

These tips made me realise that LinkedIn is more than just having an online CV/portfolio that other people in your industry can see, it is about networking and really making the most of the opportunities social media has given us. The four tips are as follows:

1. Commit once a week to use LinkedIn to connect with several current or former business associates this will put you top of mind for opportunities that may emerge out of these strengthened connections.

2. Over the next month make the effort to join ten groups on LinkedIn. This will raise your visibility and personal brand.

3. Once you have joined these groups start a discussion in each of these ten groups you have joined. As you are an expert in your field people will notice your thought leadership and will want to engage your services for their companies.

4. Go to LinkedIn’s Answers section and answer 5 questions a week. This is a long term strategy but will pay off over time.

After reading this post, I have decided to challenge myself to carry out each tip in order to use my LinkedIn profile more effectively. I hope these tips help others who like myself were not really sure how to best use the site.

My LinkedIn profile can be found here: Amy Lockhart


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